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Bodybuilder, Aladino Dinardo Has Passed Away



Popular Bodybuilder, Aladino Dinardo has passed away. The NPC competitor died yesterday January 22 2021. His death was confirmed to the public in a social media post.

According to a Facebook user who shared the news – I’m never going to stop Aladino DiNardo never you hear me u kept telling me how proud you were of my lifestyle changes i made, we were going to try to get me right for Mr. Olympia wheeler class 2021 was going to be a year of were we going to show a lot of people what we had in the work.

You would literally pick me up to go workout u were the only people who would come get me for lunches n dinner you were Southside Dino to most but you were Dino the bambino the biggest cheerleader for Steel wheels u motivated me the little DMs i would send u “yo so how u go about building bigger traps…” u made it cool to be a fitness junkie / meathead with style now who I’m going talk to when @johngeiger_ drops fire, who’s going make sure @wgd6788 is in shape “u bling will” bro i been crying for hours now but i just want the world to know u were more than Southside Dino U took men with disabilities and made them feel like Hercules me n Cj can attest to this I’m so blessed and honored to have crossed paths with u again I’m never stopping my fitness journey now I got to find a new cheerleader though

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