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Is Singer Tshepo Tshola Dead Or Alive (Find Out Here)


Basotho Iconic singer, Tshepo Tshola Is Alive

In a wake of social media hoax on Thursday evening, the South African legendary singer who is already in his 60s was reported dead.

This kept many people on the internet asking question of how true the news of his death could be.

The news has since been regarded as a hoax since there has not been any confirmation from a reliable source or from his family  saying that he died.

A Facebook user who confirmed that the singer is alive revealed that he spoke with some minutes ago. People Ntate Tshepo Tshola is still alive and very healthy for that matter. People must stop with their lies. I personally spoke to him.

Tshola has been in music for 50 years, during which he has made a name for himself as a pillar of Afro jazz.

In an exclusive interview last year with The Southern Times Arts, he said”

The legend said he was always going to be a musician and there were no two ways about it.

“My love for music was inevitable. Both my parents were musicians, they met during a concert and also married on stage. Growing up with older brothers who sang and loved gospel music, I fell in love with music as a child. Music will always be a part of me, my love for music is getting better and better each day, and my love for Afro jazz will always be there.”

Tshola said his five decades in the industry had taught him that “in music one has to love it for it to do the same in return”.

“I have learnt quite a lot in the industry that young and upcoming musicians may also embrace. I have realised that some young musicians in the region have lost respect for the audience and their music is lacking a message. A musician is a messenger, the music should carry a meaning; they should respect their audience and in return the audience will also respect them. Always remember to be honest to your calling, eyes on the price and love what you do and it will do the same in return.”

Besides working on the upcoming album, Tshola is grooming musicians across Southern Africa, mentoring them on how to get the most out of percussion.

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