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Joe Biden set to sign 17 decrees on his first day as president of the United States



A memo from Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, addressed to the top officials of the new Democratic goverment, revealed that on his first day in office, the president of the United States will issue “an avalanche of decrees,” as David Cloud characterized, Washington DC correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

It will be a step and also a sign that the new White House is preparing to “reverse or revise” some of Donald Trump’s most controversial policies on immigration, climate change and the coronavirus, mainly.

Klain wrote that Biden “assumes the presidency at a time of profound crisis for our nation” due to the coexistence of “ four crises that overlap and worsen: the COVID-19 crisis, the resulting economic crisis, the climate crisis and a crisis of racial equality ”. All, he stressed, “require urgent action.” That’s why as soon as he takes office, and during the first week to 10 days, Biden will take “decisive action” against the four and also “to prevent other urgent and irreversible damage and restore the place of the United States in the world . ”

Klain who was chief of staff during Biden’s vice presidency and coordinated the response to Ebola appointed by Barack Obama mentioned the legacy of the outgoing president: “President Biden will act not only to reverse the most serious damages of the Trump administration but also to let the country begin to progress ”.

These measures also aspire to create a climate of political work to which the Congress, which also remained in the hands of Democrats, will later join with those other issues that require legislative action.

Before the end of January, Biden will also present proposals on Capitol Hill, according to Klain, such as “the immigration bill that he will send on his first day in office; the recovery proposal to create millions of unionized and well-paid jobs that will be announced in the coming weeks and its continued support for the rules on the right to vote, the minimum wage and the fight against violence against women ”.

The 17 measures will allow the Democratic president to remove Trump’s restriction on immigration from some countries with a majority Muslim population (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen ) on his first day, make the United States return to the Paris climate agreement, avoid foreclosures and evictions caused by the COVID-19 crisis and enforce the use of face masks on interstate travel and inside federal buildings. It will also extend the moratorium on payments to credits for college education, which constitute a significant debt that students carry, along with the degree, upon graduation.

Like many new presidents, Biden evokes President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who held office in the midst of the Great Depression and deployed a series of far-reaching measures in his first 100 days aimed at restoring faith in government and the future. of the country, ”compared the LA Times

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