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Free Fire was the most downloaded video game of 2020 on mobile devices: find out who completes the top Five



GAMING: – After an atypical year, the unprecedented figures of the gaming industry continue to be revealed during 2020. The consulting firm App Annie made a detailed report on the mobile sector, which grew 7% in downloads and 20% in money raised, compared to 2019. Among the information revealed, Garena Free Fire was also crowned as the video game with the most downloads worldwide.

In a year that seemed to have been dominated by Among Us, the Inner Sloth title took second place in the ranking of video games with the most downloads. The Top 5 worldwide were completed by Subway Surfers, PUBG Mobile and Gardenscapes – New Acres. It is interesting to note that none of these video games was released this year, but several of them already have a long history, such as Subway Surfers, released in 2012.

It was confirmed that 78% of video game downloads are in the casual field, with titles such as Among Us and ROBLOX. However, 66% of the annual revenue was made in more competitive video games. Some of these cases include titles that made the move from consoles or PC to mobile, such as Call of Duty or PUBG. This results in hardcore titles also demanding more playtime than casual ones.

This information is a small portion of what the App Annie report revealed. The company also shared the ranking of video games that achieved the highest average active users per month. In this category, PUBG Mobile ranks first, followed by the classic Candy Crush Saga, Ludo King, Among Us, and Free Fire. Ludo King is also another title with several years in the market, but at the end of 2020, it managed to become the most downloaded Indian video game, surpassing 500 million users.

The third category to highlight in the App Annie report highlighted which were the video games that collected the most during the year. Although these are free video games, all of them have microtransactions to obtain items, unlock characters and game modes, a feature that, as revealed, generates more profit than a premium title.

The game that collected the most during 2020 is Honor of Kings, a Chinese title developed and distributed by Tencent. Already in March, it was positioned as an unprecedented phenomenon after several weeks of quarantine in the Asian country. The second place was left in the hands of Pokemon GO, which changed its modality of face-to-face events for virtual ones, expanding the audience worldwide. ROBLOX, Monster Strike and Coin Master round out the Top 5 highest-grossing video games last year.

Focusing on the Argentine market, Free Fire was both the most downloaded and the highest-grossing game in 2020, but it is Among Us that registered the highest average monthly active users. While downloads grew 30% compared to the 2019 activity, the collection increased by 15%. Among apps, Google Classroom dominated downloads in America and Europe, as expected.

Another important aspect revealed by the consultant’s report was the characteristics implemented by these successful titles to become the most popular of the year. According to App Annie, video games in the western market relied much more on special events for the extraordinary collection, as well as customization options for players and the leaderboard (Leaderboard) that shows the best players. In Asian countries, on the other hand, the news came hand in hand with competitiveness. The new features were the addition of multiplayer modes, chat options, the ability to form clans in multiplayer titles, and daily rewards for just entering the game.

As downloads and collections grew, so did the amount of advertising that appears in free titles. While in the United States it grew almost 100%, in others, such as Turkey, it did so more than 300%. It is interesting to note that these advertisements have different formats and can be presented as banners, videos or even mini-games.

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