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Covid-19: South African Journalist, Corne van Zyl Shares Her Harrowing Experience After Staying Six Days In ICU



One the South African journalist working with Rekord newspaper as a Group deputy editor Corné van Zyl was few days ago discharged from the hospital and she could not finish in details what she went through after she was hospitalized for Covid-19 in Zuid Afrikaans Hospital.

The editor speaking with the newsmen said, although she was afraid of blood and needles but that was not her worst fear as she heard of deaths and intense anguish some of the patients in the hospital where subjected to.

“It was simply a nightmare I would never wish upon anyone, and something I never want to encounter again. Covid-19 is real and it’s out there. I sanitized all the time, wore a mask and avoided going out.

“Yet I still got it… who knows where. It could have been during a quick trip to the supermarket. One cannot be sure, as it lurks everywhere.”

“I was so scared of the unknown, of all the strange sounds in the hospital, the needles and all the stories I have done on Covid-19 and what I have read in the news.”

She said while she was a little tired, she did some homework on her own. But the next day after Christmas, she was very tired. Although she was not a sleeper, she slept in a chair. However, she attributed it to fatigue, as it was already an exhausting year.

But that night she woke up sweating at a temperature of 39.7 ° C, she had severe kidney pain.

“I immediately knew I had Covid-19. I cured myself and was isolated in another room. “On December 31, I took a test so I could know for sure.”

Van Yil said she received the news the next morning that she had a positive result.

“It was as if someone had punched me in the stomach. “I was terrified, I was having an anxiety attack for the first time.”

When her symptoms worsened, she began to hallucinate, and her husband took her to the hospital, which she tried to avoid because she did not know she would return home.

“I still thought they would just treat me in the ward, but the next moment I was wrapped in plastic and wheeled to the ICU, to a remote room.”

Van Yil said it was awful to lie in an isolated, dark room. When she needed a nurse, it would take up to five minutes for someone to visit her. The nurse first had to pack in a protective suit that included layers of gloves.

“They can not just come in and touch you. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. They have to clean their feet before they visit me. It’s a whole ritual. “

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