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No Efren Bata Reyes Is Not Dead – Efren Bata Reyes Death News Is Hoax



Is Efren Bata Reyes Dead Or Alive? Filipino professional pool player, Efren Bata Reyes who has won over 70 international titles  is the latest victim of social media death hoax.

Mid of today an unverified user on social media shared a fake news that Efren Bata Reyes has passed away and the misinformation was shared countless times on Facebook. Following the spread of the news fans are now wondering if something happened to the legendary pool player.

The perpetrator of the fake news went ahead to use a photoshoped picture of ABS CBN News  to caption his false headline. The public are advised to ignore the information as it is no where to be true.

Efren Bata Reyes is alive and doing well. Reyes was the first player to win world championships in two different pool disciplines.

The Magician Efren ′′ Bata ′′ Reyes was seen today smiling while receiving gift from his fan artist John Marko David Dadulo. John personally gave him the artwork dedicated to him.

Efren Reyes Receiving From John

During quarantine, John Marko did his artwork for two months before online classes start.′′ I was still young and he was already my idol, I grew up with a billiard at the back of my grandfather and grandmother’s house. I always hear his name. Until I watched him one time on tv. I admire his magic style in billiards, since then until now, I idolize him,” John Marko’s story on News5.

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