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Legendary Hawaiian Surfboard Shaper, Ben Aipa Has Passed Away



Notable Hawaiian Surfboard Shaper, Ben Aipa has passed. The Iconic surfboarder was reported to have died today January 16 2020 at the age of 76.

Ben’s death news was confirmed by his son Aloha Oe in an official statement released through his Instagram page.

READ: At no time in my life would I ever be ready to share with the world my fathers final day. The passing of the greatest man I know.

SO Instead I am going to tell you the story about a boy, from a poor sugar cane plantation family…whose determination was unmeasurable that literally carved out his legacy one board at a time .

A man from the simplest of backgrounds who would change the face of surfing. A humble colossus whose impact echoed thru the decades…masterfully mentoring generations of champions in and out of the water…in competition and life and somehow in all this finding the time to stoke out tens of thousands of surfers with the best shaped boards all around the world along the way.

Most of you know Ben Aipa, the surfer, the shaper,the coach or the legend but to me he’s just my dad and I’m so very proud of him and I’ll Miss him dearly.

Dad I hope you enjoy the next part of your journey . @akila_aipa and I have this from here and we’ll make you proud .

Ben Aipa was born in Honolulu in 1941. The second oldest of three kids, he excelled in sports. In high school he was a “jock”, playing football and swimming competitively consumed his time. He swam close to national times and played with the pig skin with great skill. When high school was over he went on to play semi professional football. His build (5’8″, 240lb.s) at the time afforded him to hold positions as linebacker, fullback and center. His career in football ended with an injury that occurred while at work.

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