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Woman Shot & Killed In Cleveland, Ohio… Family Demands Justice



A woman identified as Jayla English 28-year-old was shot and killed on August 29, 2020, in Cleveland, Ohio in gun violence and her family since then has been demanding for Justice.

The tragic incident was said to have happened in the parking lot of the Cliffview Apartment complex. According to reports, police arrived at the scene of the shooting at the Cliffview Apartment complex in Ohio and found Jayla in the parking lot deceased from multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities stated that the victim was killed AFTER witnesses said that they saw her in an argument in the parking with two women during the argument it escalated when one of the women pulled out her gun and shot Jayla to death.

Investigators stated that the two female suspects fled the scene after the murder. Jayla’s Brother is quoted saying. “On the morning of August 29, 2020, she was gunned down by an Ex-girlfriend of the woman she was involved with, leaving Family and Friends shaken” Her Brother also stated on his GoFundMe post that she was adopted by his parents one the day AFTER she was born and abandoned by her birth mother.


Justice4jayla  – After many campaigns on social media demanding for justice to be served for the brutal murder of Jayla, A family member, KennyKen Wilder released an update today revealing that Justice has been served.

According to the family member, The person who shot and killed Jayla has been sentenced to Life in Prison with the eligibility of parole in 28 years.

READ: Today is extremely emotional for me. After my sister’s murder, we made a promise to Jay GrindinDanielle that we WILL get Justice … and today we are making it solid.
The killer is sentenced to Life in Prison with the eligibility of parole in 28 years. We worked hard to get that even though we didn’t want parole, but they were trying to give her eligibility after 19 years, so we pushed it up another 11 years.

Jayla, we told you and we did it, no matter what obstacles we faced in the process, we overcame it and got what mattered. Yes, I made unpopular decisions in the process, but you know your brother, I do things only to make things easier for those that matter the most.
We got you JUSTICE, now we can celebrate. I love you, Jayla. The family came through and I know you’re proud.

Thank you FB family for prayers, donations, prayers, EVERYTHING! You have been there for me in my brightest moments and darkest hours. I won’t ever forget that. Love y’all.
Justice has been served. for Jayla English.

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