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ZANU PF party spokesperson, Mr Patrick Chinamasa is still alive and well



The members of the public are hereby informed that contrary to the earlier report that the ZANU PF party spokesperson, Mr Patrick Chinamasa has died is fake and not true.

This was made known through a Twitter post shared by one Cadre Shangri-La.
He said:

“Cde Patrick Chinamasa is alive, fit and strong. No to fake news.

#TiredOfFakeNews and fake news peddlers must fall ”


Mr Patrick Chinamasa is the ZANU PF party spokesperson.

He has been the leading member of the ruling ZANU–PF party, He became first deputy Agriculture Minister and then-Attorney General of Zimbabwe; he also has held the role of Leader of the Zimbabwean Parliament.

Following his appointment, many Zimbabwean judges resigned, complaining of political pressure.

On 9 February 2001 after Chief Justice Anthony Gubbay took early retirement at his suggestion, Chinamasa held meetings with senior Justices Ahmed Ebrahim and Nicholas McNally (the last white justice on the Zimbabwean Court) and told them for their own safety to leave.

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