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Popular Turkish YouTuber and PUBG content creator Umm Seif calls for help in a 30s video



In what looked like a kidnapping video shared online This popular YouTuber from Turkey, Umm Seif has kept many people wondering what could have happened to her after releasing a 30s video showing her hand up as a sign calling for help.

What did the hand sign  popular Turkish YouTuber Umm Seif showed mean?

According to reports, This is a Czech hand sign. In Turkey where the latest video that has gone viral and  trending entered the list of the world most trending videos in YouTube on Tuesday, 12 January 2021 16:55 on Twitter and YouTube.

The Arabic video, which was at the top of the Trends on YouTube, caused a serious discussion: YouTuber Ümmü Seif, the producer of PUBG content, called for ‘I am violent, help me’ in the 29-second video.

Umm Seif is a popular  Turkish content creator on YouTube with over a million subscribers following her, she is the original creator of PUBG channel.

The hand sign she made in a video published was interpreted as “She is asking for help from the police, implying that she was abducted by a group.” The video soon entered the trend list.

Social sharing site YouTube take the video with 5 million subscribers reached Umm Seif, with the latest videos from them has already gotten much trend list in many countries, including Turkey, MI urges?

In the Video she was saying she is no longer willing to devote time to her children. Umm Seif in her 30s video said she would retire The hand sign she made at the end of the video.

Many folks already perceived that her sign was request for help.


More Updates On The Syrian Youtuber

Details emerging this morning has revealed that Om is  is a Syrian YouTuber living in Turkey, she called herself om sayf.

She worked this hand movement and its meaning that she is subjected to violence at home and we are sure that the one who violates it is her father because he pictures clips and threatens them.


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