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Miami doctor dies of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine



Miami obstetrician Gregory Michael, 56, died after a suspected catastrophic response to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Dr Greg’s wife, Heidi Neckelmann who said that her husband was completely healthy until he fell to her knees on December 18 at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

She said her husband underwent an acute dislocation this week, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, a stroke caused by a blood clot due to a lack of platelets.

IDP can be acute or chronic, lasting six months or more, on its own, or in combination with other autoimmune conditions or certain cancers.

The 58-year-old mother thinks the Pfizer-BioNtech groundbreaking vaccine released for Covid-19 could be somehow provocative actually led to her husband’s death.

“I think his death was 100 percent due to the vaccine. There is no other explanation, “he told, fighting back tears.

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“She is OK. He did not smoke, occasionally drank alcohol, but only socially. He worked, we had sites, he was a deep-sea fisherman.

“They tested him for everything you can imagine, even cancer; nothing happened to him.”

Dr. Gregory responded immediately to the injection, but three days later he took a shower and noticed petechiae, red spots that showed bleeding under the skin on the legs and arms.

When he was examined at Miami Beach Mount Sinai Medical Center, the hospital where he works, he had a groundbreaking vaccine, and doctors found that he was suffering from an acute platelet deficiency.

“All blood counts returned to normal, except for platelets, which returned to zero,” said Heidi.

‘At first, they thought it was a mistake. So they did the test again, this time by hand, which is supposed to be more accurate. This time it showed only one platelet.

‘He felt 100% normal, energetic, happy. “But they said you can’t go home. It’s incredibly dangerous. You can have a brain haemorrhage and die.”

Doctors typically expected an average of 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood.

Few Things You Need To Know About Dr Gregory Michael

Dr Michael was born in Miami, Florida. Before attending college, medical school, he had the opportunity to live in Japan for three years and travel long distances. While English is his mother tongue, he is fluent in Spanish, understands and speaks some Japanese.

Dr Michael received his PhD. From the University of St. George. She completed her residency in obstetrics and gynaecology at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey, and was a Galloway member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

She has special training in minimally invasive surgery, advanced laparoscopy, and complex pelvic surgery.

Dr. Michael is a junior researcher at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a member of the International College of Surgeons.

He has worked as a clinical instructor, the teaching staff at Barry University, and Miami Dade College. He is the author of numerous articles and publications, ranging from obstetric emergencies to leading topics in cancer research.

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At the end of his residency, he married his wife, with whom he has a wonderful daughter. For the past 12 years, Michael has been in private practice at Mount Sinai Beach Medical Center in Miami.

He loved spending time with his family; he was a fisherman of big tournaments, big games, and he was a diver with a rescue certificate.

How Did He Die?

According to Dailymail, After two weeks of infusions and experimental treatments that failed to raise Gregory’s platelet count, doctors decided they had no choice.

However, he died from a hemorrhagic stroke – when blood from an artery bleeds into the brain – before he could undergo the surgery.

‘They gave him medicine. They gave him an incredible amount of platelet infusions, I’m told all the platelets in Miami Dade County,’ Heidi said.

‘But no matter what they did, nothing helped. The blood tests came back with zero platelets every time.

‘My husband had conversations with the doctors who said it was highly probable that the vaccine was the cause.

‘It seems possible to me that somehow it instructed his body to attack the wrong thing, the platelets.’

If Gregory’s fatal condition is traced directly back to the groundbreaking Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, it would be the first known death linked to it.

The jab was heralded as an extraordinary breakthrough in the fight against Covid-19 after it was analyzed by global health bodies in record time and cleared for use in the US one week before Gregory had it.

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