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The film ‘My favorite war’ has been directed to the ‘Oscar’ in the animation category


The Latvian-Norwegian co-production film ” My Favorite War ” will fight for entry into the animation category of the US Academy Award “Oscar”, the representative of the Latvian National Film Center Kristīne Matīsa told the portal “Delfi”.

The film is also featured in the major professional film industry publication “Variety” – distributors in France and Spain who have acquired the rights to screen the film, and after winning the Annie Festival competition, the film qualifies for the world’s highest animation award “Annie Award”.

The publication “Variety” reported that the director Ilze Burkovska-Jakobsen childhood memories based film “My Favorite War” (2020), which can be found among the “Oscar” nomination, applicants full-length animated film category, alongside reached the European cinema distribution network – the film rights in the acquiring Versus Entertainment in Spain and Destiny Films in France. “Variety” reminds that the Latvian-Norwegian co-production film “My Favorite War” appeared in the attention of professionals together with the victory in the Annecy festival “Contrechamp” competition, and this victory allows the film to qualify for the animation’s most representative award “Annie Award” ,

“This film is the love work of director Ilze for more than nine years,” Norwegian producer Tronds Jakobsen tells Variety. Latvian producer Guntis Trekteris (studio Ego Media) says: “The greatest value of the film” My Favorite War “is the difference in its form and content from other animated films, so we are very honoured that the performance of Ilze and the whole creative team is so high so far. Any awards and nominations help us do a very important job today – successfully distribute the film to reach the widest possible audience around the world. ”

The gratifying fact that the film “My Favorite War” is currently relevant in the context of the Oscars is especially noted by the Scandinavian House in New York (USA), which is very active in screening Baltic and Nordic films – there are special online screenings for all films from the region was nominated for the Oscar for the US Film Academy. The screening of the films is scheduled for the weekends, starting from January 7, when viewers can buy online tickets for both the Latvian “Souls of Souls” and Icelandic, Danish and Estonian films. The second session of the online festival, January 14, will feature films from Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Finland, while the full-length animated film “My Favorite War” will be available to those interested in the United States from 21 to 24.

This year, the awards ceremony of the US Film Academy will take place for the 93rd time, but due to the pandemic, its time has been postponed by eight weeks – instead of the traditional end dates of February, the award ceremony is now set for April 25. Other important dates in this process have been changed accordingly – the so-called “Oscar Short Lists” will be announced on February 9, and the Oscar-nominated films will be announced on March 15.

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