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Roseanne Boyland – What happened to the woman killed in DC riots


According to his friend, one of the five people killed in the DC riots was a pro-Trump protester who was crushed to death.

Rosanne Boyland, 34, of Georgia, Kevin Grison, 55, of Alabama, and Benjamin Phillips, 50, of Pennsylvania, all died on Wednesday during the riot that erupted at the Capitol building.

It was gathered that three Trump fanatics who died in a mob attack on the Capitol on Wednesday died of a heart attack and stroke in Rotunda.

From the town of Kenesaw in the state of Genesa, Rosanne Boyland died when a mob stormed the Capitol building, leaving with police on Wednesday.

Her family reported on Thursday she was “trampled in Rotunda” while in a crowd.

Capitol police saw her undergo CPR at 5pm after the collapse. she died at the hospital shortly before 6 p.m.

The friend she was with, Justin Winchel, remembered her last moments when the protesters started falling on each other.

“I put my hand under him, pulled him out, another boy fell on his head, another boy was just walking [over his head],” Winchel told CBS46. “There were people who were two or three deep people … just crushed.”

He said the clash “mainly caused panic, the police, in turn, pushed them back, so people started falling.”

Paramedics tried to recover her, but the 34-year-old died.

“I lost a dear friend, an amazing friend,” said Winchel, who drove with Boyland to DS. To listen to the President.

Winchel said he did not believe President Trump was responsible for his friend’s death.

“He was killed in a provocative act, he was not instigated by Trump supporters,” he said.

But Boyland’s father-in-law, Just Astin Cave, condemned Trump for urging his supporters to gather in the capital.

“I have never tried to be a politician, but it is my personal conviction that the president’s words caused a riot last night over the deaths of four of his biggest fans. I think we should turn to the 25th amendment at this time,” he said. he: prepared in the announcement.

“Our family mourns at every level for our country, for all the families who lost their loved ones or were injured, for our own loss,” he continued.

“We appreciate your prayers; we ask everyone to respect the privacy of our family as we mourn their death.”

Boyland was among five people killed in Wednesday’s riots. Authorities say Ashley Babbitt was shot dead inside the Capitol building, and two others died of medical emergencies.

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