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This is why radio host, Pearl Modiadie broke up with her Baby Daddy



After dating for several years, Pearl Modiadie and her little father, Nathaniel Oppenheimer, divorced.

Shortly after welcoming their first child together, radio host Pearl Modiad and his partner, believed to be Nathaniel Oppenheimer, have pathways.

This is according to the late evening Instagram stories posted by Modiadi during the holiday season.


“Being alone is much better than being unhappy,” reads one post.

“I could not achieve my dream of having a family I always wanted. But my beautiful son came out of it,, I am eternally grateful for that, “Modiad added.

For several years now, Modiadi has been dating a French businessman, preferring to keep their relationship a secret because of his previous relationship with Nkululeko Butelezi.

The star, who recently turned 33, also kept her pregnancy a secret, only announcing the arrival of her son, Olivier Levatli, in the last half of 2020.

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