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Shocking 2021 predictions: Successful Columbian clairvoyant, Deseret Tavares says that another variant of virus will come out soon



The cards are on the table !, the successful clairvoyant Deseret Tavares has released her predictions for this 2021 for global health and the news is not good, since she assures that a third variant of the current virus will come out and this will cause blindness in people.

According to the Colombian, people will begin to complain of having lost their sight and there will be serious neurological problems at the end of this year and the world will not be prepared for this.

Many people are going to complain that they lost their sight, so we began to see the neurological and vision problem in late 2021, Deseret Tavares noted.

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The Colombian clairvoyant pointed out that there will be isolation around the world again and that the world will change in a very drastic way due to health problems.

Before six months they have no control over the situation and it gets out of hand more than it is now. Isolations, use of force, demonstrations … the world is about to change in a very, very drastic way.

Deseret Tavares was very clear in pointing out that in her letters she saw that the most vulnerable will be women and children; so she asked to be aware of what happens.

2021 and global health … she says that we begin to see problems with children in the next two months, she comes back and talks about a sudden and forced isolation before three months, he talks about how we will have a collapse in the health system between the end of February, mid-March, no later than April; and he says it’s like it was a huge attack on humanity.

According to the Hollywood seer, the government will begin to control, but not the situation, but the people, since it will not have the solution to what is happening.

Listen to it from minute 20:00

She says we begin to see serious changes with serious health problems, the dead letter begins to come out at the end and talks about the situation getting out of control and that the system of laws and the government at the end of 2021 begins to control, but they have no control over the problems they will face, They control the people, the population.

The Colombian actress stressed that the nervous system will definitely be affected by this third variant of Covid-19 and Deseret Tavares showed her concern for women and children.

We will see serious problems of the nervous system or also with the mind-system, the brain … before people, especially in women and children, neurological problems and we are going to close the year with a very serious problem affecting women and children or girls, more than anything in that sector, at the end of the year.

Tavares highlighted the enormous uncertainty that there will be, neither organizations nor governments will have the solution; A second variant of the virus has already been released and the third will arrive at the end of this 2021, she said.

The letters say that health problems begin to emerge, the situation begins to be half stable in mid-June, but then we have a fairly strong wave for November and then it will be catastrophic. The letters are also saying that organizations and scientists will settle in a situation in which they have no solution, they are not clear about the situation and we will see three variants of the virus before October. We already have one, the other has already come out, so for October we have the third variant.

Deseret Tavares has an enormous reputation as a clairvoyant, she has made very accurate predictions; Among them, that of Covid-19 itself and one of the most feared and that fortunately has not come true is a huge earthquake that is forecast for the United States. Let’s hope this 2021 does not leave any more surprises like these.

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