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Ireland Far-right activist and police officer, Garda F390 dies



Reports coming from Ireland has it that popular Far-right activist and police officer popularly known as Garda F390 has died.

The news said: “Condolences to the family of the Garda who died in tragic circumstances yesterday.

The Garda had been subjected to vile online abuse by Ireland’s far-right mob earlier this year and his friend told me he had been struggling in recent times. May he rest in peace.”

It is believed that Garda F390 committed suicide.

Garda F390 committed suicide. Maybe people will start seeing the gardaí as human beings now. Maybe all the anger and bullying from alot of the people on the right like Dee and Gemma needs to be analysed. Maybe roaring at people achieves nothing. Maybe we need more love.”

Terrifying footage shows Garda being brutally beaten on the ground by teenage thugs in front of a tavern in Drogeda, when police question five.

The touching video is supposed to have been shot last night at around 9.30 pm in a Co Louth pub.

The video shows Garda repeatedly hitting his whole body by a large number of young people who have been abused when a police officer falls to the ground helplessly.

While he is being attacked, the person taking the shots mocks the officer with a caption: “I ** king love my young drilling rigs. Pretty good for pigs.

“Feckkkkk these guys are dumb. They did skiddy bop on the pigs head”.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the assault.

A garda spokesperson said: “Gardai attended a Public Order incident on West Street, Drogheda.

“The incident involving a large group of people occurred on the 9th August 2019 at approximately 9.30 pm at premises and continued onto West St.

“Gardaí arrested five people and detained them at Drogheda Garda station where they were later released.

“A Garda member received a minor facial injury during the incident.”

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