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Checkout the new WhatsApp features that will arrive in 2021



2021 has just begun and the WhatsApp application has already released the list of news that it will have for this new year, so keep reading because surely this will interest you a lot and above all take note.

Surely you are one of those people who frequently use the WhatsApp application, even on dates like Christmas and New Years.

If so, look at this list of the new features of the application, because you will like this new function a lot and thanks to it, it has been possible to communicate with thousands of people around the globe who shared text messages, photos, videos, GIFs, among other types of multimedia content.

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As you may remember, during 2020 WhatsApp not only activated the “dark mode”, but also added new emojis, improved calls, and even enabled “messages that self-destruct” and now 2021 will be a year full of news within the platform.

And in fact, here we will tell you in detail what is prepared for these 365 days in the fast messaging application.

It should be mentioned that fortunately if you are a beta user on WhatsApp you will be able to get the new functions before everyone else, yes, in a limited way, since everything is under evaluation.

Also, it is important to comment that this mentioned method works for both Android systems and iPhones.

Here we will mention six of the new things that will come to WhatsApp in 2021, however, you must remember that these will not arrive suddenly but gradually to the application.



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Holiday mode

This is one of the most anticipated functions in the world, since with WhatsApp’s “vacation mode” you will be able to archive users’ messages without the need to silence them and in this way you will be able to resume communication when you return from your break.

Option to use WhatsApp on several cell phones

With this tool, your Facebook application account can be opened on several cell phones at the same time, that means that if you have two mobile devices at the same time, you can send messages with the same people by scanning your QR code.


Messages that self-destruct on WhatsApp 

Although this function is already in WhatsApp Beta, it is not yet present in the official application for everyone and it is possible that these first months will arrive.

In-app purchases on  WhatsApp 

Although this is little by little reaching more people, online shopping has completely become a boom today and fortunately very soon you will be able to buy directly just by pressing the image of a company’s catalogue, without a doubt this will help a lot. small businesses.

Video calls and calls on WhatsApp Web on WhatsApp 

There is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated tools by users of the application, since more people began to work from home, most adopted a new style of communication in companies, as is the case with video calls. And this is how, for greater comfort, calls and video calls on WhatsApp Web will arrive sooner than you imagine.

New WhatsApp emojis in 2021

Like every year, the WhatsApp application renews its catalogue of emojis and, like last year, it is expected that these will be shown next December, despite the fact that Emojipedia shows them at the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is currently waiting for it to be updated in order to improve its performance on the mobile device and if you want to be beta, the first to receive this type of news will be the subscribed users.

However, at the moment the vacancies to be part of it are closed, but it is expected that more places will open this year.

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