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BREAKING: President Trump has activated the National Guard following the shooting at the Capitol building



President Trump has activated the National Guard at the Capitol.

The army has called in more than 1,100 troops across the Colombian National Guard in response to a request from Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The official says that the troops are sent to DC.

In a statement, Pentagon spokesman Ponathan Hoffman said the guards had been mobilized, with the Justice Department in charge.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher S. Miller’s decision came as protesters stormed the Capitol.

Mr. Hoffman noted that the troops were deployed in “support” of federal law enforcement in the district, reflecting Defense officials’ reluctance to deploy military troops at the Capitol.

Defense officials want the authorities in Washington to use the local police and other law enforcement agencies to confront the protesters at the Capitol, with the National Guard troops in support, but not in the lead, to avoid the spectre of a military battling election protests.

But the tense standoff at the Capitol, and the breach by Trump supporters, led to the decision, officials said.


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