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VIDEO: See Zimbabwean citizens attempting to cross into South Africa through Beitbridge



A number of Zimbabweans cross the SA border and wait to enter the country when they return to work after the holiday season.

The journalist says from the video. Immigrants were dropped off by buses on the Zimbabwe side as they walked across the border.

The Zimbabweans also slept on the border while waiting to enter South Africa.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono posted a photo with the caption:

‘Last night at Beitbridge border, Zimbabweans slept side by side breaking the Covid-19 social distancing protocol. There is a health disaster brewing and let us call this for that it is; FAILED leadership on the Zimbabwean side! These are the consequences of LOOTING. DEAD economy!’

Yesterday the Minister of Home Affairs Aaron Motsoaledi said SANDF makes over 500 border jumper arrests and deportations daily along the Beitbridge border.

“The army arrests more than 500 every day. They arrest them right at the border and send them back. The SAPS boat is also working there, chasing them away.”

“The immigrants return again after a week,” said the Minister.

He said SANDF would use helicopters to glide along the Limpopo River, and SAPS would patrol the boats to combat the huge influx of Zimbabweans.


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