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Tension!! Suspected Drug Lord Teddy Mafia Shot Dead



The death of an alleged drug lord in Durban, Teddy Mafia AKA Yaganathan Pillay has sparked outrage in the suburb of Shallcross. Yaganathan Pillay or Teddy Mafia as he was known was shot by hitmen who were later beheaded and their bodies set alight in an act of mob justice.

According to sources, Pillay was shot twice in the head and was rushed to Chatsmed hospital in Chatsworth where he was pronounced dead minutes later.

SAPS spokesperson Brig Jay Naicker confirmed the incident, saying a shooting took place “at a known drug dealer home” on Taurus Street, Shallcross.

“It is alleged that at about 2 pm, the owner of the property, known as Teddy Mafia, had informed his daughter that he was expecting visitors. Upon the arrival of the suspects at their home, the daughter proceeded to the back of their property were she heard gunshots. The daughter then established that her father had been shot,” said Naicker.

Police did not seize any firearms at the scene nor arrested anyone.

Teddy Mafia Killed: Police Monitoring Shallcross

The Scene

Following the shooting that led to the death of Yaganathan Pillay or Teddy Mafia, The police have stated that they are now monitoring the area to ensure that calm return to the area.

Durban Metro spokesperson Senior Superindentent Parbhoo Sewpersad said the area remained quiet on Tuesday morning.

“We are going to be monitoring the area very closely to see if any problems arise. For now, nothing has happened.”

Teddy Mafia Son Devendren Lionel Pillay Died In 2020

Yaganathan Pillay, aka Teddy Mafia, lost his son, Devendren Lionel Pillay last year 2020. Devendren Lionel Pillay, 38, known as Bigz, died in hospital after being involved in a drive-by shooting outside a home in Shallcross, Durban.

According to reports, Teddy’s son had gone to the bank to transfer money into his father’s business account.

He had been running a trucking business for many years. The money he had gone to transfer was for fuel for his trucks.

“He then visited a friend in the area near where Claudene Rampersad was also shot. On his way home, while getting into his vehicle, a woman who had not seen him in a long time shouted a greeting to him. While he conversed with the woman, another vehicle with unknown men opened fire on him as they drove by.”

Few Things You Need To Know About Teddy Mafia