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Sheikh Ali Jaber Kritis health condition is getting better, unlike the crowd on social media



The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD ensures that the condition of the preacher Syekh Ali Jaber is improving. Mahfud admitted that he got the news from Ali Jaber’s family.

“Based on communication with Sheikh Ali Jaber’s family, thank God, the Sheikh is getting better,” tweeted @mohmahfudmd, quoted on Tuesday.

The statement by the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) was in response to the circulation of photos of Ali Jaber in critical condition with a number of medical tubes attached.

Previously, the public was excited about the current condition of Sheikh Ali Jaber which was spread on social media. In messages distributed on WhatsApp and social media groups, a photo of the cleric born in Medina, Saudi Arabia was seen in a critical condition.


“His situation is not as worrying as the pictures circulating on social media suggest. Let’s pray that Sheikh Ali Jaber will continue to get better, get better soon, and continue his preaching,” he said.

In the photo, Sheikh Ali Jaber, who was exposed to the Covid-19 virus, is not conscious. His face is full of tubes that are inserted into the mouth and nose. It was as if his condition was very critical.

Sheikh Ali Jaber’s family also responded to this viral news. They question who took the photos and shared them on social media. “We are criticizing the hospital, who took photos and spread them in WA groups and other social media. Please don’t, don’t, you can’t,” said someone claiming to be Sheikh Ali Jaber’s family in a voice message sent to him. journalists, Monday (4/1/2021).

According to the man, Sheikh Ali Jaber’s extended family does not allow anyone to take photos and share them on social media. “This is not a suitable condition to take photos and let alone distribute them. We just ask for prayers, ask Allah Ta’ala for the recovery of Sheikh Ali Jaber. Aamiin,” he said.


It is not certain, the actual condition of Sheikh Ali Jaber at this time. However, in a post by the Sheikh Ali Jaber Foundation, Monday, it was stated that the condition of the famous preacher had improved.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you immeasurably to our friends, relatives, teachers and congregation all for their prayers and concern for Sheikh Ali Jaber.

We are reporting that he is currently still in intensive care at a hospital in Jakarta. getting better, “wrote the Sheikh Ali Jaber Foundation, Monday.

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