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People Demands Justice For The Death Of Flight Attendant Christine Dacera



People are demanding justice for the death of Christine Dacera who unexpectedly died after she was found unconscious in a hotel bathtub in Makati City on New Year’s Day.

According to the police, the lifeless body of the 23-year-old Christine who was an employee of Philippine Airlines was found in a Makati hotel bathtub after spending the night partying with her colleagues and acquaintances.

She was reported to have passed on shortly after she was brought to Makati Medical Center for treatment.

Philippine Airlines (PAL) reacting to Christine’s death said the all they desire is for the truth to come out in the interest of Justice.

Excerpts From Philippine Airlines (PAL) Official Statement

“Our desire is for the truth to come out in the interest of justice,”. Dacera was working as flight attendant of PAL Express, the Philippine region brand of the flag carrier.

She was an “upstanding and professional PAL Express crew member who will be sorely missed by her colleagues and friends.”

“PAL Express mourns the tragic death of Cristine Dacera last January 1 during New Year revelry in Makati City,” it added.

Christine’s mother Sharon Dacera in an interview with the media said she only allowed her daughter to go to the party because she trusted her daughter’s colleagues.

“I didn’t have any presumptions that something will happen to my daughter because she was with other flight attendants,” Sharon said.

“Why did they have to do that to my child? I want to seek justice. Justice for my daughter and I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to their child. They raped my child. I hope this doesn’t happen to their sibling, to their children. I don’t want any more victims,” she added.

People Are Demanding That Justice Be Served On Christine Tragic Demise

PNP Brands The Case As Solved?

In the information it released on Monday night, the PNP branded the case as already solved. Usana explained that from the perspective of the police, they consider a certain case as solved after identifying the alleged perpetrators of the crime.

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