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From her bathtub, Mexican model Celia Lora shows off her charming body covered in foam



The beautiful model and driver, Celia Lora, has a photo from the bathtub in which she shows off her charms covered with foam, it could easily be one of the best that rose in 2020.

If you are a fan of the famous model and driver, Celia Lora surely you know that this past year, despite having been complicated and a lot of confinement, was very productive for her, as she had the opportunity to take pictures of herself in every corner of her home excellent form always looking to keep the Internet users happy.



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This time we will address one of her best photos in which she appears with her charms covered in soapy foam, all while taking a shower and wearing her beauty wholesale, all to pamper her loyal fans who appreciated the gesture.

If you have not seen the photograph you will surely be more than spoiled and with your pupils quite satisfied, because the figure of Celia Lora is impressively attractive.

For this reason, her photography always manages to gather hundreds of thousands of likes, having a solid base of Followers who are on the lookout to support her in everything that goes up on her social networks, because as we know she has had incredibly high popularity for quite some time, all thanks to his appearance on MTV’s Acapulco Shore.

As you may remember last year, the last season of Acapulco Shore was released, for this reason, many viewers remembered the beautiful Celia, who was in charge of leaving her mark well marked by performing her customary insults and shedding the clothes she used in one of the episodes. most shared of the entire entertainment series.

Thanks this last year, Celia became one of the biggest Instagram influencers in Latin America at least, since among Mexicans she has a lot of attention thanks to the type of snapshots she takes.

As we know, the daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, is an expert in modelling, so she has shown it on several occasions such as this one in the bathtub, always looking to surprise with some unexpected scenario.

Celia Lora was also invited to many programs in recent months, always characterized by acting with her distinctive personality and that peculiar charisma that distinguishes her among the famous.

If you enjoy Celia’s content, you’ll have to take a look at her YouTube channel since a few months ago she decided that it would be an excellent idea to dabble in as a Youtuber, having great success idealizing increasingly fun videos.

If you don’t want to miss any of the news and of course the new beautiful photographs that Celia Lora has prepared for you, we recommend that you keep an eye on Show News so that you don’t miss any single detail.

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