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Former Manchester City Footballer, Colin Bell dies at the age of 74



Former English footballer, Colin Bell who is known for his period at Manchester City has died at the age f 74.


He was nicknamed “The King of the Kippax” (after Maine Road’s Kippax Street terraced stand renowned for its singing) and Nijinsky (after the famous racehorse, due to his renowned stamina).

Bell played as a midfielder and is widely regarded as one of Manchester City’s finest-ever players.

He was part of the Bell, Lee and Summerbee trio at Manchester City.

Bell began his football career at Bury, where he was quickly promoted to club captain.

In total, Bell has made 82 league appearances for Buri (in three seasons), scoring 25 goals. In 1966 he moved to Manchester City (led by Mercer) for 45,000.

When signing him at Manchester City, assistant coach Malcolm Allison misled other clubs interested in Belo (including Leicester City) by claiming that the player was “hopeless”. Allison’s strategist succeeded as Bell eventually signed for City.

In the 1965–66 season, Bell helped City finish first in the second division by moving to the first division. The only goal (through the head) Bell scored in the game against “Rotterham” – 1: 0, which provided promotion.

In the 1966–67 season, Bell scored 14 goals against City’s top scorer, and the team finished 15th in the first division. In April of that season, Bell scored a hat-trick against Stoke City (3: 1).

In the 1967–68 season, Bell helped City win their second league title (the first they won in 1937). Bell scored 14 league goals that season. One of Bell’s goals came in Maine Road 4. Defeating Tottenham Hotspur 1, which he called “Ballet on Ice” due to snowy conditions.

City’s other goals were scored by Mike Semerby, Tony Coleman և Neil Young, and Spurs’s goal was scored by’s Grives. After the game, legendary center-forward Dixie Dean told Allison that City, who beat the Spurs, “are the brightest side I have ever seen.”

In the penultimate game of the season, Bale scored twice at White Hart Lane. 1 point in the game against Tottenham. In the game, Lee am Semerby left the Spurs’ defense, allowing Bell to run clearly, slowing down Dave Macau, who dominated the Scotsman.

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