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Dressage Rider, Jane Savoie Has Passed Away


One of the most recognized names in dressage, Jane Savoie has passed away. She was reported to have died today December 5, 2021, after a long battle with cancer.

Jane who is member of the United States Equestrian Team and has competed for the US in Canada, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany is also well known as a coach, writer and speaker.

She was the 1996 and 2004 Olympic dressage coach for the Canadian 3-Day Event Team in Atlanta and Athens. She also coached several top dressages and 3-Day Event riders in their preparations for the 2000 Olympics and while in Sydney she helped rider Susan Blinks secure a bronze medal for the US dressage team.

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The Horse and Rider Books took to their official Facebook to announce that Jane has passed on.

Announcing her death they wrote – We were devastated to learn that we have lost our very dear friend and author Jane Savoie after her long battle with cancer. From her first book, That Winning Feeling!, released in 1992, to her most recent, published in 2020, Jane was a talent, a motivator, a go-getter, and an inspiration to us all. We will so, so miss you, Jane.

6-time Olympian and coach, Dover’s World via his official Facebook page penned down a lengthy tribute to the late horse rider.

READ: When I heard, early yesterday morning, that Jane Savoie had passed away after her long battle with Cancer, I was at a loss for words. Jane was not just my dear friend of over 40 years. She was not just a long-time student who I was fortunate enough to help find her first Grand Prix horse, Sacramento, as well as her most successful mount, Zapatero. Jane was not just close to being a member of my family; she truly was FAMILY.

Jane called my mother, “Mom” and my father, “Dad”. She was always happy to get in trouble at events with my sister, Margo. Jane rooted for me as much through our lives and careers together as I rooted for her. When we were competing in Europe together, one afternoon in a restaurant, the waiter saw how similar our hair color and complexion were and asked if she was my “younger sister”? Naturally, she loved that and whenever she would call, she would say, “It’s your younger sister.”.

Jane’s incredible positivity and zest for life were evident in all things she undertook and an incredibly strong magnet that drew everyone who met her into loving her. Well, all but my Jack Russell, Half-Halt, that is. Half-Halt was extremely protective and admittedly not very mannerly, and when Jane ran up to me with her usual joy and giggles, while I was greeting her, my rascal on the leash was quietly lifting his leg on her white, flowing, dress. Despite a strong scolding, Half-Halt not only never gave up on his opinion of my friendship with Jane; a full year later when she was sitting on a bench to put on her spurs, my monster strode nonchalantly over while we were not noticing him and did it again, peeing on her other boot! You can’t get much closer to being a fully-fledged member of the Dover family, with all the good and bad that comes with it than Jane’s relationship with all of us.

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