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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde go hand in hand and many website confirms they are dating



Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde go hand in hand and website confirms dating.

The Singer and actress attended a wedding together over the weekend.

Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde dating? The rumours of a supposed romance emerged after the two were seen together hand in hand at a wedding that took place over the weekend in California, USA.

The ceremony was held by Harry’s manager, Jeffrey Azoff, and Glenne Christiansen, who works for Apple Music. The event had only 16 guests due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the photos, the singer and actress appear walking hand in hand, she wore a floral dress with a pink headband, and him wearing a classic suit with a white button-down shirt. Both were wearing masks.

On the web, fans quickly pointed out the alleged dating of the couple, who met on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling”, a film directed by Olivia and starring Styles.

In addition, according to People sources, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have been dating for a few weeks.


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