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B2K band members blocks Raz B on Instagram after coming out with new allegations against the group members



Raz B again accuses its former members of protecting abusers.

The singer accused the band members of protecting the perpetrators of sexual violence, in particular the former manager of the band Chris Stokes. Since 2007

He accused Stokes of sexually assaulting him during his 11 years in the group. When the allegations were made, members of the group isolated Razi and sided with Stokes, leaving Razi feeling the pain that they would turn against him in that case. vulnerable moment.

Last year, the 35-year-old even left the band’s upcoming concert tour because he felt Stokes would be around.

In an Instagram post that was later deleted, the former B2K member shared a screenshot of the post in his iPhone post app. “I just found out that some B2K members blocked me. I’m just feeding your kids n * gga! ” he joked, with fans commenting that he meant “feeding” instead of “feeding.”

He concluded. “They must protect paedophiles.”



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