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Valentino Rossi deserves to share the Stage with Other Drivers



ExistenceValentino Rossiso big in MotoGP. Good or bad the appearance of The Doctor, his name always makes headlines.

Rossi’s fame is considered to make other MotoGP racers feel like entertainers on the track. Former Ducati rider, Andrea Dovizioso, even felt he was only an extra because he could not compete with Rossi’s popularity.

However, in the eyes of LCR Honda boss, Lucio Cecchinelo, Rossi is actually slowly starting to be forgotten. The presence of talented young riders like Fabio Quartararo, Franco Morbididelli, Francesco Bagnaia, and Joan Mir began to reduce Rossi’s spotlight.

“Rossi’s retirement (later) may have contributed to the loss of several types of audiences, such as housewives or grandmothers, but I think true fans will never leave,” Lucio was quoted as saying by GPOne .

“Rossi is in a decline phase and the public is starting to see the presence of new faces. His departure (later) won’t be dramatic. We will lose a number of fans but they are not cored supporters, “he added.

Lucio hopes it is well Rossinot selfish and immediately determines when to retire. After Rossi is no longer on the track, other riders can steal the spotlight.

“His gradual departure helped the public to be attracted to and fall in love with (Jack) Miller, (Pecco) Bagnaia, (Franco) Morbidelli,” said Lucio.

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