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Trump gets into trouble with his new neighbors in Mar-a-Lago, Florida



The outgoing US President Donald Trump actually wanted to stay in his residence in Mar-a-Lago in the sunny state of Florida after moving out of the White House.

But against it, there is an uprising – among the neighbours! They want Trump to spend his presidential retirement elsewhere, reports the Washington Post.

Sender: The DeMoss family, who run an international mission foundation – and live in the immediate vicinity of Trump’s club.

On Tuesday, citizens officially filed a complaint with the city of Palm Beach – with a copy to the US Secret Service, which must continue to ensure Trump’s security. This effort also disturbs the neighbours considerably.

In fact, Trump has been in trouble with the neighbours for years: there have been repeated complaints about disruptions in road traffic, for example, when the president came to visit.

According to the Washington Post, Trump travelled to Mar-a-Lago at least 30 times during his presidency and spent more than 130 days there.

Trump was unpopular in the area even before he became president because he refused to meet basic legal requirements. For example, he did not comply with the height specifications for a flagpole – he simply built it larger than permitted.

Worse still, the letter claims that Trump does not have the legal right to live there. He ceded it when he converted the historic property of Mar-a-Lago from a private residence into a club in the early 1990s.

The city should decide according to law and statute whether Trump is allowed to live in Mar-a-Lago at all and notify him in good time!

This is the only way to “avoid an embarrassing situation” in which the outgoing president moves into the club and then has to be asked to leave again.

The Zoff could also give the Secret Service a headache. He must take precautions in good time to protect the politician, such as setting up rooms for the bodyguards. And of course, he needs to know where Trump will live.


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