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Top 5 players who have strengthened Barcelona and Valencia



On Saturday (19/12) at the “Camp Nou” stadium, “Barcelona” will play “La Liga” in 2020-2021. The game will be hosted by “Valencia”. Along the way, there are a number of players who have strengthened both clubs.

Barcelona is pursuing three points to secure its position. At present, Barça is only fifth in the league table. Of course, this position does not correspond to the quality and material of Barça players.

However, tilting Valencia is not an easy task either. Moreover, in the last game, “Los Murselagos” won two goals without answering.”

Before watching the match, Here Latestnewssa will reveal a number of connections between “Barcelona” and “Valencia”. Apparently, “Barcelona” and “Valencia” have a strong connection in the transfer market. The two clubs often work together to buy and sell players.

The following are five players who have become stronger in the composition of “Barcelona” and “Valencia”.

Robert Fernandez

Robert Fernandez is the first name on this list. He left Valencia to join Barcelona in the summer of 1986.

Robert Fernandez is one of the special midfielders that Barcelona has had in the past. He came after leaving the team that made his name, Valencia.

At that time, Robert Fernandez was known as a versatile player. The Spanish player can occupy the position of midfielder, defender and winger.

While strengthening Barca, Robert Fernandez won two Copa del Rey titles. After hanging up his boots, he was also the sporting director of Los Cules.

David Villa

David Villa is one of the best strikers Valencia has ever had. From 220 matches, Villa packed 127 goals.

Naturally, if Barcelona wanted to spend 40 million euros to get Villa’s power in 2010.

Villa completes the Barcelona attacking line that was previously inhabited. Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pedro, and Bojan Krkic.

In his debut season, Villa won the treble winners in Barcelona. Three seasons after his arrival, the striker headed

for Atletico Madrid.

Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba’s story is a little different from the two previous players. This is because Alba, a La Masia product, defended Valencia before returning to Camp Nou.

Jordi Alba was released by Barcelona to Cornella U-19 in July 2005. Two years later, the defender has recruited Valencia.

Jordi Alba’s ability shot up after defending Valencia. He is known as one of the modern wing-backs. Alba’s main task is not only to defend but also to help with attacks.

Finally, Jordi Alba returned to Barcelona in the transfer market at the beginning of the 2012-2013 season. Until now, Alba is still the backbone of Barca.

Jeremy Mathieu

Despite winning all domestic titles and the Champions League with Barcelona, ​​Jeremy Mathieu’s career was not too smooth. He didn’t get many chances to show off.

Barcelona needs 20 million euros to get Jeremy Mathieu from Valencia at the end of July 2014. Barca is projecting Mathieu as a backline player.

During three seasons at Barcelona, ​​Jeremy Mathieu made only 91 appearances. From that occasion, he packed four goals and three assists.

Andre Gomes

At the beginning of his appearance, Andre Gomes was regarded as one of Portugal’s talented players. However, until now, he still hasn’t shown the performance as expected.

Valencia got Andre Gomes from Benfica for 20 million euros in June 2015. Previously, Valencia borrowed Andre Gomes for one season.

Then, Barcelona brought Andre Gomes as the successor to Sergio Busquets. Barca needs 37 million euros to hook the midfielder.

Unfortunately, Andre Gomes’ career at Barcelona was not smooth. He only warmed the bench. A number of injuries that hit have also become obstacles.

Currently, Andre Gomes is part of Everton. He tried his luck in the Premier League two years ago.

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