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Shooting in New York: A man opened fire during a Christmas choir performance at Saint John’s Cathedral



A man opened fire during a Christmas choir performance at Saint John’s Cathedral, The police returned the shots and wounded the shooter, who is in critical condition

He opened fire this Sunday afternoon on Saint John’s Cathedral, located in the Harlem neighbourhood of New York, in the middle of a Christmas show.

Police sources indicated that the shooter, who was wearing a red jacket, was seen firing from near the church, and was seriously wounded in the middle of the shooting, which took place before 4 p.m. local time. So far their identity is unknown.

Sergeant Edward Riley, a spokesman for the New York City Police Department, said the man fired at the officers. However, no officer was injured.

The suspect was rushed to local Mount Sinai St. Luke Hospital. According to the sergeant, his condition is critical.

The members of the choir, and the people who attended the event, were evacuated by the police, who deployed an extensive security operation in the vicinity of the church. In images disseminated on social networks, a large number of uniformed men and patrols can be seen.

The Christmas show took place on the steps of the cathedral. The authorities at the moment do not know why the man opened fire on the police.

Mark Levine, city councillor, indicated that the shooter would have scaled the scaffolding of the cathedral, from which he began firing “indiscriminately into the air” and then challenged the uniformed men. “He shouted that he wanted to be killed (…) The police arrived quickly. The suspect was shot. Its status is unclear. No other person was injured, ”the official said on his social networks.

Martha Stolley, a witness, told the AFP agency that the man had shot eight or ten times before being wounded by the police and that he was shooting “without aiming” and shouting “Shoot me, kill me!”

Saint John’s Cathedral is the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, and the seat of its bishop.

This Sunday’s performance was the cathedral’s first public event since the coronavirus pandemic hit the Big Apple.

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