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Dr Susan Moore MD Death – Doctor Who Cried Out In A Viral Video On How She Was Mistreated By Medics Dies Of COVID-19



The social media is heating up after the unacceptable death of a medical doctor who died some days ago after she released a video to Facebook from an Indiana hospital alleging she was being mistreated by medics because of her race.

According to reports, Dr Susan Moore lost the battle with COVID-19 on Tuesday, Dec 22, after calling for help in a heartbreaking video.

In the video, Dr Moore was heard saying that she didn’t trust the hospital and wanted to be transferred. She said they said they were going to send her home despite the fact that she was critically ill.

She said her symptoms were ignored, downplayed and dismissed so she had to release a video begging her fellow doctors to help save her.

She added: “This is how black people get killed when you send them home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves.”

Internet users have also alleged that Dr Eric Bannec was the doctor who mistreated Dr Susan

Her death has brought in lots of controversies,  Tweeps are saying Dr Susan Moore died all because of negligence from medics.

Dr Susan Moore Last Update On Facebook Before Her Death

I had to beg to get the Remdesivir because Dr. Bannec said my chest x-ray was normal. I then had to beg for a CT of my chest which I finally got and it showed large mediastinal lymphadenopathy right lower lobe infiltrate in a new left lower lobe to infiltrate.

After receiving two infusions of the Remdesivir dr. Bannec said I don’t qualify, I’m not short of breath, he doesn’t know why my neck hurts and he doesn’t feel comfortable giving me any narcotics. All I can do is cry I was in so much pain. He said you can just go home right now. Of note he did not even listen to my lungs he didn’t touch me in any way. He performed no physical exam. I told him you cannot tell me how I feel.

Next thing I know stat CT angiogram was ordered for my neck which showed new infiltrates in my lungs superiorly and new pleural effusion since December 1 in addition to new mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Next thing I know I’m getting a phone call saying what can we get for your pain. Why do I have to prove that there’s something wrong with me in order for my pain to be treated? I have informed the patient advocate.

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