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Youtuber Apollo Legend Has Passed Away



Youtuber Apollo Legend Is Dead

Popular Youtuber, Apollo Legend has passed away. He was reported to have died on December 20 2020. His cause of death is not yet as at the time of filing this report but sources claimed he took his own life.

Police made entry into his house, now confirmed he is deceased.

Videomaker, Rwhitegoose has also confirmed via in a series of tweets that Apollo has passed on. He explained how they tried contacting Apollo through phone but his number was out of service.

Watch Apollo Legend’s Final Video Where He Spoke More About Battling Mental and Physical challenges.

Apolo Legend Quits Youtube

Six months ago Apolo Legend released an official statement that he is quitting Youtube though he did say his decision of quitting Youtube was not meant to deflect criticism or create sympathy.

Read Excerpts From His Statement

I’m done with YouTube. To be clear this is not meant to deflect criticism or create sympathy, I am just explaining the reality. Last year I came really close to killing myself. I never talked about it because so many people just say that for attention.

This was partly due to social media which has caused great stress to me. It is my responsibility to remove this problem from my life.

I never enjoyed starting drama, I hate it. People probably don’t realize how much it stresses me out. I never wanted to start anything but I felt dragged into it. I only have ever tried to do what’s right even if I failed. I obviously don’t care about money or fame or I would make more than two videos per year. I am not making excuses for the mistakes I have made, I simply need to explain to you guys why I cannot go on like this.

I still have a few videos being edited but once those are up, I’m out. Perhaps I will find a way to rework the channel so it can go on under someone else’s direction. Again, continue to criticize me if you believe I have done something wrong. I wouldn’t expect anything different. I just can’t put up with it anymore. I love you all truly.

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