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Police confirmed MYD is Michael Yukinobu de Fretes, Gisel’s male video actor



Jarkater  News:  Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police, Inspector General of Police, Argo Yuwono, confirmed that the male character in the porn video of Gisella Anastasia aka Gisel is Michael Yukinobu de Fretes .

“Yes, that’s right,” said Argo via short message, Tuesday (29/12/2020).

The figure of Michael Yukinobu de Fretes is indeed busy being discussed in cyberspace and in the community. Now Gisel and MYD have been named as porn video suspects.

Based on his Facebook account search, Tuesday (29/12/2020), Michael Yukinobu de Fretes is a figure who likes playing basketball. A number of photos show the well-built man carrying out his hobby.

Michael comes from the city of Medan. He had received higher education at a private university in Jakarta. Still, on the profile page, he claims to have lived in Kakogawa, Hyogo, Japan.

Apart from his hobby of playing basketball, Michael often goes abroad.

He uploaded a number of photos with a background of views and corners of cities in the world.

The viral video was an exciting video with a short duration that dragged Gisella Anastasia’s name into a crowd and made him the subject of public discussion.

The woman, who is suspected of being Gading Marten’s ex-wife, appears to have had sexual relations with a man.

Many netizens suspect that the man in the video is Adhietya Mukti who is none other than the keyboardist Gisella Anastasia.

Seeing the busy husband being the subject of conversation, Adhietya Mukti’s wife did not remain silent.


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