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Match between Man City against Everton postponed due to Covid-19 infection spread



The match between Everton and Manchester City in the Premier League, Tuesday has been postponed, and Everton club has asked for a full explanation regarding the delay.

The Premier League decided to postpone the match four hours before it started, this was because the number of the spread of the coronavirus had increased again in City.

Before the match, it turned out that Manchester City had made a request to reschedule the match with Everton because the condition of two players and their staff had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The request was immediately approved by the Premier League board as a precautionary measure as the health of players and club staff is a top priority.

At the start of the season, the Premier League had made rules for teams wishing to propose to postpone matches. This rule only applies when 14 players from one team are absent.

Regarding the match being cancelled, The Toffees regretted the postponement because the match against City was considered to be an important match. The team also hopes to be given clarity regarding the reasons behind the postponement of the match.

“Our players are ready for the match, as are the team staff and everyone at Goodison. Matchday is the most important date on our calendar. And it’s a big day,” an Everton statement said.

“While Everton will always put public safety first, we will ask for full disclosure of all the information Manchester City provided to the league so that the club can explain why this decision was taken.”

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