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Chinese video game mogul and Netflix producer Lin Qi cause of death unrevealed


The billionaire died after spending a week in Shanghai Medical Center. The regime raised suspicions against a colleague who has already been arrested.

Video game mogul Lynn Keane died on Christmas Eve after being poisoned for a week after allegedly being hospitalized by one of his closest associates. The CEO of Yoozoo Group, one of the most powerful companies in the industry, also had a mega-project on Netflix, of which he was one of the main producers.

Yoozoo Group acquired the rights to the Chinese science fiction trilogy “The Problem of Three Bodies” in 2015. Netflix announced in September that the books in the English language series were in line with Game of Thrones creators David Benioff և DB Weiss. TV writer Alexander Woon was also planning to write and produce the series, according to Variety. Lee also worked as the program’s executive producer.

Lin whose fortune exceeds $ 2.2 billion – fell ill last week and was hospitalized on December 16. The businessman could barely walk and had symptoms of an ” acute illness .” The founder of the entertainment company was immediately taken to the intensive care unit for treatment, where he had to be resuscitated after his heart stopped.

China Economic Weekly magazine – linked to the People’s Daily , a spokesman for the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – said Xu Yao is suspected of poisoning Lin due to ” labor disputes ” that resulted in the reduction of Lin’s salary. He may have administered the venom through medication, the edit added.

Lin arrived at the hospital on December 16 and could barely walk with a ” very painful expression of acute illness ” on his face, said a doctor surnamed Zhou and quoted by various media. He was transferred to a second hospital, but already appeared to show signs of brain death on December 17, although a formal diagnosis had not yet been made, he added.

Apparently, Xu would have placed the poison in Lin’s food , causing him to die later and slowly. A doctor who treated the victim – quoted by other local media – pointed out that the executive had eaten blueberries the day he fell ill. The healthcare professional speculated that based on his symptoms, Lin may have found a neurotoxin such as the deadly tetrodotoxin, which is found in puffer fish. Instead, two other media claimed that the CEO of Yoozoo could have been hit with a cocktail of different poisons, as reported by Variety magazine. Others suggest that he may have been killed by a fermented tea .

The company showed its dismay over the murder and published a statement on its social media. The farewell was quite poetic: “ You saw through what was imperfect but still believed in beauty; You encountered cruelty but you still believed in goodness Together we will continue to be kind, we will continue to believe in beauty and we will continue to fight against all that is cruel . “

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