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Gramma From G and G: Gramma and Ginga Dies At 107



Genevieve Musci, popularly known as “Gee” to most of her friends and “Gramma” by millions of her fans on Facebook and YouTube has passed away. Gramma was reported to have died yesterday night December 25, 2020, at the age 107 after 10 months of shielding her from Covid. No information was given about her cause of death.

She made it to her 107th Christmas.

Genevieve Musci’s death news was announced on their official Facebook page, G and G: Gramma and Ginga.

READ: Dear Gramma and Ginga fans, this is an update we knew we would eventually have to make. It’s still hard to believe the moment has come. At about 10:30 pm tonight, Christmas day, Gramma went home to heaven. I guess it’s fitting that a woman who, up until Covid, probably hadn’t missed a Sunday mass in about 100+ years, would cross over on the day of our Lord’s birth.

Speaking of Covid, a quick word to say that earlier today we decided that Gramma’s peace and comfort, outweighed any desire we had knowing, so we chose NOT to test her…and leave her alone to rest. A couple of hours ago, Sheila and Christine (one of our amazing health caregivers) were sitting with Gramma holding her hands. They told her she should just go to sleep, and head home to the big family reunion, surely waiting on her. Just a few minutes later, Gramma’s seemed to relax, her breathing slowed, and then she quietly faded away with her hands held.

If you believe in an afterlife, then YOU CAN BELIEVE the reunion that will be meeting her!!! I closed my eyes and thought of my grandfather (they were married 58 years), her two children (my mom and my aunt Sheila), and Gramma’s brother and another sister…and ALL the friends she made over 106 years!!! WOW!!! What a moment they must be having now…WHAT a moment.

Enjoy your homecoming Gramma. Enjoy seeing all those shit-asses you haven’t seen in a long time. We’ll miss you, but we know it was your time to go…and MAN that was one LONG LIFE!!!.

Sheila and I would like to thank ALL of you who have expressed your amazing love, well wishes, and prayers for Gramma and us. And how about the laughs!! Wow, did we have some good laughs…and THAT’S what it’s all about – and what we’ll remember from this ride that we’ve been on together. Thanks, everyone.

Few Things You Need To Know About Genevieve Music AKA Gramma

Genevieve Musci, known as “Gee” to most of her friends and “Gramma” by millions of her fans on Facebook and YouTube, was born on March 21, 1914, in Adamston, West Virginia. Soon after, her family moved to Clarksburg WV. She grew up in North View with her parents Maria Theresa Audia Buttafusco and Salvatore Buttafusco, one brother, Louie, and two sisters Floranda and Arlene (“Ginga”).

Genevieve skipped school to get married to Frank Musci when she was fifteen and he was sixteen years old. They were married for 58 years until Frank passed away in 1988. Genevieve had two daughters, the late Marie Romano Fumich and the late Sheila Harris. Gee enjoys spending time with her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and her sister Arlene (“Ginga”).

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