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Federal High Court in Lagos sentenses drug peddler to 10 Years In Prison For Smuggling Cocaine


Lagos Federal Supreme Court justice Rilwan Aikawa has sentenced one Ejiofor Eliezer to 10 years in prison for smuggling 2,155 kilograms of cocaine into Nigeria.

The National Anti-Drug Agency has filed a lawsuit in court on one point of illicit import of hard drugs against Ejiofor Eliezer.

According to NLDA Prosecutor Theresa Asuko, Eliezer was arrested on March 5, 2015, during the internal cleaning of Arik Air at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Ikeja, weighing 2,155 kilograms of cocaine.

Asuquo told the court that the crime was inconsistent and was punishable under Section 11 (a) of the National Drug Law Agency. N30, Laws of the Nigerian Federation, 2004

During the trial, the NLDA called witnesses, offered several exhibits, including confiscated drugs, and a convict passport, which the court accepted, but before the end of the trial, Eliezer was accepted on bail but became unavailable.

He was declared wanted by the court, then “taken back” and sent to a correctional facility.

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