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Controversial radio host, Harnek Singh reportedly shot in New Zealand



New Zealand’s Harnek Singh was attacked last night and is in critical condition.

He was always known for cursing things related to Sikh guru and Sikhism.

More recent sad news has revealed that he was shot dead by unknown assailants in Auckland, New Zealand.

Neki was said to have recently been involved in spreading misinformation about Sikhism.

It should be noted that after the attack, Harnek Singh Neki was admitted to Auckland Midlmore, New Zealand.

The incident took place at around 10 pm on Wednesday evening, when gunmen entered his residence, attacked him, as a result of which he received serious injuries, He was later admitted to Middlemore Hospital in Oakland.

There has been no confirmed report of his death so far. There are only a few videos on social media where the channels simply use thumbnails announcing his death, but in the videos, they say that there was no confirmation.

Also, there has been no information regarding his death on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Therefore, the reports, regarding Neki’s death, stand fake so far.

Neki was constantly speaking against the farmers’ protest on his radio and YouTube channel.

He used to make controversial statements on issues of Sikhism through his radio programs.

Some individuals have called on the government and agencies to terminate the Anti Sikh Youtube Channel and Radio Virsa NZ of Harnek Singh NewZealand.

Who Is The Controversial Radio Host, Harnek Singh

Neki has a Youtube channel “Radio Virsa NZ” with over 160,000 subscribers.

The channel “Radio Virsa NZ”, contrary to its name, has nothing to do with Sikh or Punjabi Virsa. The vast majority of his content slanders key historical and present-day figures associated with the Damdami Taskal and the Sikh Freedom movement along with its supporters.

He usually has one of several co-hosts with him including Balwinder Mathadda, Baljinder, and Angrej. Balwinder Mathadda is a former Khalistan supporter while Baljinder is a former Gurmeet Ram Rahim follower. These co-hosts seem to be a group of confused individuals based on their past history.

Neki poses as a supporter of Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, however, most of his opinions on Sikh history and principles do not even align with that of Dhadrianwale. We suspect this is a calculated attempt to create a further divide amongst Sikhs specifically between Dhadrianwale and Damdami Takasal supporters.

He is a graduate of Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic University.

He immigrated to New Zealand in 1987 and is married to Prabhjeet Kaur Gill with whom he has two sons.

He is currently a partner in a grocery store named Bin Inn Glenfield with Chanchal Singh Deol, Baljinder Singh Virk, and Parmpreet Singh Parmar.

In their statement said:

This person shows himself as a Sikh but his purpose is to defame Sikh religion. He is misleading innocent Sikh youth about Sikh History and this is arousing a lot of anger among the Sikh people, which has resulted in a breakdown in our community. Every Sikh in the world is very disappointed in the full of misleading talk of Harnek Singh New Zealand against the Sikh history and principals.

Here I am writing few of his hateful comments about Guru Granth Sahib, Sikh Gurus and Sikh Martyres :

“Granth Sahib (sacred scripture) is not a Guru, there is nothing in it what makes it guru”

“When Sikh martyrs were killed then from were their wives fullfilled their sexual desire?”

“Guru Gobind Singh was a coward, two normal men killed him”

“Sikh gurus also made mistakes, they were normal persons not special”

Harnek Singh has over 200,000 Subscribers on his Youtube channel but this person has disabled all the comments under all of his videos to escape from the protest of Sikh people against him. Many time we have tried to talk to him during his live shows on Youtube and Radion Station but he always starts abusing the callers during his shows. This person doesn’t want to listen to anybody. We all Sikh people respect Youtube’s non-discrimination and hate speech policy and request you to terminate the poor channel of this abnormal person from Youtube. All his videos must be banned so that he could not upload them again. We request to PM of NewZealand as well to take strict action against his radio station Radio Virsa NZ.


Sikh religion is the fifth largest religion in the world. There are over 25 million followers of this religion around the world. Sikhism gives a message of universal brotherhood. We (Sikhs) get all the guidance from our sacred scripture Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is not a religious book for us.

We consider this sacred scripture as a living Guru.

From a long time, an Anti-Sikh person named Harnek Singh New Zealand, who is living in NewZealand, is spreading hate and misleading content against Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ten Sikh Gurus, Sikh Martyres and other respected literature of Sikhism from his YouTube channel and Radio Station.

Because of his abusive and hateful speech against Sikhism, the supreme power of Sikhism Shri Akal Takhat Sahib did boycott of this person last year.

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