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Teacher dies in hospital after grading his students’ exams



After learning that he would be hospitalized, Professor Alejandro Navarro did not forget his computer, to continue with the evaluations, without knowing that he would die minutes later in the emergency room.

A Professor in the United States had a sad outcome after being hospitalized for a condition other than Covid-19 and died after rating evaluations to his students on a hospital bed.

Mr Alejandro Navarro’s death became a trend in social networks for fulfilling his professional responsibility until his last minutes of life.

The incident happened in a Hospital in the United States when the teacher was notified that he would be admitted for heart problems.

Despite the circumstances of being bedridden in a hospital, the professor took his computer to carry out his last mission as a teacher: reviewing exams.

Undoubtedly, the covid-19 pandemic has left many sad situations, lessons and life experiences, people who face the coronavirus or those who continue to exercise their professions or trade despite aii the limitations due to the health emergency’.

Teachers have not been the exception and have faced adverse circumstances to fulfill their professional responsibility to impart the bread of knowledge to their students.

Even during a pandemic, even during a health crisis, teachers worry about fulfilling their duties.


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