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Pictures: Checkout the $35 million mansion actor Sylvester Stallone paid for (Interior & Exteriors)



This is the mansion for which Sylvester Stallone paid $ 35 million property, located in the town of Palm Beach, Florida, has seven bedrooms, a pier and a private beach.

The 74-year-old Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone purchased beautiful waterfront property in an exclusive area of ​​Palm Beach, Florida, for a total of $ 35.375 million. Some of your new neighbours will be Rod Stewart, Jon Bon Jovi and Howard Stern.

After selling his mansion called La Quinta in Los Angeles last May for “only” $ 3.15 million, the actor and his wife Jennifer Flavin have decided to move to an area that attracts many celebrities. According to Forbes magazine, the Hollywood star has a fortune of around $ 325 million.

The property that Stallone acquired is located on palm-fringed grounds. It has a total area of ​​6000 m², overlooking the Lake Worth lagoon and has a fabulous sandy beach and its own dock.

Details about his new home were released by the local Palm Beach Daily News. The striking property, whose architecture is inspired by the Spanish style, has a two-story main house and a guest house.

The main residence has five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and large windows. It also has a gym, a wine bar and outside it has an outdoor cabana with direct views of the pool and the spa with hydromassage.

In total, the property has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms and spans over 1230 m² of living space. It was built in 2014 and overlooks the waters of the Worth Lagoon, a kind of saltwater lake.

To enjoy the spectacular view, the mansion is full of windows with exterior views. Of course, the legendary “Rocky” actor’s new home includes a fully equipped gym.

The former owners bought the house, in 2018, after disbursing USD 26,650,000, while last June they announced it for $ 37,850,000, so they sold it below what they expected.

Below Is the Pictures (Interior & Exteriors )

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