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Man United legend Ramal Mohamed Salah set leave Liverpool



Former Manchester United player, Gary Neville, commented on the future of Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah. According to him, sooner or later Salah will leave before his contract expires.

Mohamed Salah is reportedly unhappy at Liverpool. Salah was furious because he was not appointed as captain in the Champions League match.

In addition, Mohamed Salah is reportedly eager to experience new challenges. Today, he has won almost everything with the Reds.

Some European elite clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona are reportedly starting to glance at Salah. Neville believes Salah and Liverpool’s relationship is headed for a farewell.

“In my opinion, sooner or later Mohamed Salah will leave Liverpool. I said that several years ago. Maybe, it was too early. However, in the next 18 months, I predict Salah will leave,” Neville commented on Sky Sports.

“I always felt he wanted to take on new challenges in different countries. He would take action to do so.”

“The contract is up to two and a half years. I’m not thinking at this time Liverpool in a state of forced to sell. Liverpool doesn’t worry too much, “explained Neville.

However, Neville thinks Liverpool must still be aware of Salah’s future. Because the player’s value will continue to erode towards the end of his service period.

Mohamed Salah is expected to appear when Liverpool host West Brom on Sunday (27/12). On paper, Liverpool will reap three points.

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