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I Never Said Drew Kidnapped Me – Nomfundo Radebe Clears The Air



Nomfundo Radebe has cleared on what happened to her yesterday night. Nomfundo Radebe had yesterday in a series of tweets alleged that guy who she named Andrew attempted to Kidnap her, she went on even dropping the guy’s phone number on her Twitter timeline, calling for help.

South Africans naturally bombarded Drew who was said to be a Nigerian with phone calls and threatened to kill him unless he released Nomfundo.

But this morning Nomfundo Radebe released an official statement where she Drew of the allegations she earlier peddled on him stating that she never said he kidnapped her.

Read Below Nomfundo Radebe’s Statement:

Firstly I would like to clear that Andrew has nothing to do with this – as far as I know.

The reason for posting his number was because he was the only person in Cape Town I could reach at that stage when I felt trouble and I thought at that moment it could help and I thought someone would call him and tell him that I might be in kinda trouble.

Why I didn’t post a friends or mothers number? None of my friends were in Cape Town then so they were not gonna be of any help.

My mother didn’t even know I’m in Cape Town. Ngcebo and CS were on a flight to Durban already so their phones were also off. They have nothing to do with what happened either.

Apparently, I was moving fine but I definitely was not feeling well as if I was drugged. I started not to feel like myself I started tweeting out of panic, I was beside myself, I just could feel that something was wrong so I was trying to show signs of being in danger.

I never said Andrew Kidnapped me. I think him denying even knowing me is what made my friends and family panic whereas I thought he would be of help. I apologize for that misunderstanding.

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