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Horton-Tucker Talent Chances To Break Into Lakers Core Players



Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel was impressed by the performance of Talen Horton-Tucker in the NBA pre-season match. Vogel also opened up opportunities for the young player to start at the Lakers.

Vogel is quite satisfied with Horton-Tucker’s performance. He successfully led the Lakers to win 4-0 in an exhibition game ahead of the 2020-2021 regular season. According to CBS Sports data, Horton-Tucker averaged 23.8 points, 8.0 rebounds and 2.7 steals in pre-season.

“He (Talen Horton-Tucker) showed a great game. I purposely trained him harder than the other players. I think he has a chance to become a useful player for us immediately, “said Frank Vogel, as quoted by ESPN.

“I’m happy with what he did at the start of this season.”

Horton-Tucker has managed to steal the attention of many people, including NBA stars. LA Clippers player Kawhi Leonard calls him a player who will be in tight competition with Alex Caruso.

Kawhi conveyed that to Wesley Matthews in the middle of the match. Matthews also shared his conversation with Leonard with the media crew. “I see it as a blessing,” said Horton-Tuckers in response to Matthews’ story.

“I can only study every day. Getting the attention of the NBA star is already very good. ”

Regarding competition with Alex Caruso, the player who was born on November 25, 2000 answered that everyone has their own path. Horton-Tucker is grateful to be a good comparison for Alex Caruso. But back again, it’s up to Frank Vogel as head coach. He knows more about players and team game strategy.

“Everyone’s journey is different, but I feel the air conditioning is pretty good. I can see him as a measure of my success. Observing his career journey gives me confidence, “he said.

Horton-Tucker could be an important player for the Lakers at the opening of the 2020-2021 regular season. Because, Dennis Schroder has not been able to play because of an ankle sprain. But this injury was not severe, so Schroder only needed a short break.

Meanwhile, Vogel has stated that he will not play LeBron James for more than 15 minutes at the start of the season. Horton-Tucker’s improved performance was a glimmer of hope for the Lakers to collect the coffers of the win at the start of the season.

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