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Meet Dr Phillip Peven the 104-year-old former doctor who has donated sperm to infertility patients for more than 40 yrs


The sperm bank, which plays a role in fertility treatment, is said to have been born in the United States and Tokyo in 1964, but there were doctors in the United States who have been donating sperm for more than 40 years since 1947. It seems that he currently has hundreds of children.

Jaime Hall (61), who lives in Traverse City, Michigan, is interested in meeting her biological father. Notably, his father, Philip Peven (104), had been donating his sperm to patients suffering from infertility for more than 40 years.

It was in 2008 that Jamie was confessed by her father that she was “not her real father.” She believed her parents as real parents until then, and she had no doubt.

Jamie’s parents have already died, but they are visiting Grace Hospital in Detroit, Tong, where their mother gave His sister Lynn in 1956 and Jamie in 1959. I was giving birth. At that time, it was Mr. Philip who was in charge of childbirth.

At the time, Jamie’s parents were suffering from infertility and were being treated under Philip. Finally, after receiving sperm, she gave birth to Jami and Rin. But the parents did not seem to be told about the sperm donor.

Later, Jamie asked 23andMe, a biotechnology company that does genetic testing in 2017, to test her genetics to find out who her real father was.

The company has a system that can identify people with the same gene from a database, and Jamie has begun to find and contact five people with the same gene. It turned out that the five were involved in childbirth at the same hospital as Jamie. From this, Jamie seems to think that there are hundreds of similar people.

In addition, Jamie found that the man, Philip’s grandson, matched his gene by 12.3 percent. This convinced Jamie that Philip was his real father.

Jami contacted a woman with the same gene as herself in January this year.

I made a plan to visit Mr Philip together. Philip, who lives in Southfield, Tong, appeared in front of Jamie on the day of the meeting using a walker. Philip, now 104, suffers from neuropathy, but the conversation was solid.

Jami showed a picture of her childhood parents and said, “I think you know our parents, and you gave us a life.” It was. “I was the pioneer at the time and adopted this method,” Philip said. In response to this word, Jami said:

“We are grateful that you not only gave us life but that we are our father. We would not have been here without you.”

The conversation between the father and daughter was lively, and Mr Philip revealed that time. He has been donating sperm in Chicago, Illinois since 1947, and several doctors have teamed up to donate sperm at Grace Hospital. However, Jamie’s sister Lin’s father will be another doctor instead of Philip.

“We just thank them for this fact,” Lin said but said there were some ethical concerns.

“We need to know who our true father is in terms of health and theory. Donating sperm in the same area can later marry relatives with the same gene. I think Philip had to know that there was. ”

When the media tried to interview Philip about the matter, his daughter, Kari, replied:

“At that time, there was a group of doctors who donated sperm, and it seems that my father also donated it. But by inheriting my father’s genes, we were able to grow up healthy and intellectually.”

“I’m sure some couples don’t know the sperm from their father, but if they asked, they would have spoken properly. They begged him to help and ask where the sperm came from. It didn’t seem like that. All they wanted was to have a healthy baby. ”

Currently, Jamie is in contact with Philip and his family and continues to have a friendly relationship.

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