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#JusticeforFrankGregorio: Police who shot Sonya Gregorio and son Frank Gregorio to face double murder charges


A policeman from Parañaque will be charged with the double murder of two of his unarmed neighbours in the town of Panlaki in Tarlaki, authorities said Monday.

A police report states that Senior Sergeant Jonel Nuezca escaped after shooting to death on Sunday afternoon two of his 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio neighbour and her son Frank Anthony Gregorio, 25, in Purok 2, after Barangay Kabayaoasan, Panikel, Panik.



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The incident happened about an hour after he was handed over to the Rosales Pangasinan City Police Department.

The suspect turned his PNP-issued 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which was used in the crime.

PNP Region 3 Home BGen. Val de Leon said a double murder case would be opened against the police officer as the Interior Ministry և assured the local government of a thorough, impartial and swift investigation. De Leon added that Nuezca has allegations of murder. One in 2019.

They are still checking the status of these cases.

It is alleged that the suspect went in the house to confront them, then the issue of right-of-way cropped up and the shooting incident happened. The suspect’s anger was apparently triggered by the confrontation between his daughter and the older Gregorio

The shooting incident was caught on camera and the video is now viral on social media. The policeman can be seen with his young daughter in a heated discussion with an unarmed Frank Anthony, whose mother was holding him back.

Who is Corporal Jonel Nuezca

Jonel Nuezca is a Corporal police officer while Elisha Aquino Nuezca is his daughter who in the viral video was seen shouting “My Father Is A Police Man”.

Nuezca’s daughter pointed out that “my father is a policeman,” to which Sonya replied that she does not care.

An enraged Nuezca threatened to kill Sonya before shooting her point-blank in the head, then proceeded to shoot Frank Anthony twice, before firing at Sonya once again who was already on the ground.

Senators, several personalities, and netizens are criticizing the PNP’s role in alleged killings in the country. They are seeking justice for the Gregorios, calling for the end of police brutality and impunity in the Philippines.

The Human Rights Commission condemned the insolent and senseless murder pursued by state forces, which is supposed to protect the public. Its regional office is preparing to investigate the incident.

“It is unacceptable for those who are at the forefront of perpetuating such human rights abuses. “This incident is a reflection of our call on the government to conduct a large-scale investigation into any allegations of arbitrary murder,” said Jacques Aklin Ann de Guillaume, a spokesman for the government.

The CHR also appealed to the public to avoid insulting Nuetska’s daughter, or even posting the baby’s name and photos, as this could cause irreversible harm.

Interior Minister Eduardo Ayo condemned the incident but said it was an “isolated” crime that should not be used to define the entire police force.

“This is a tragic but isolated incident … Nuetska’s fault is not the fault of the entire Philippine National Police,” the statement said.

The Duterte administration, including the PNP and the Philippine Armed Forces, has been criticized for rising to an atmosphere of extrajudicial killings, human rights abuses and impunity since taking office in July 2016 by President Rodrigo Duterte.

In the government’s war on drugs alone, figures show that 5,903 suspects were killed in counter-narcotics operations, but local and international human rights groups say thousands could be killed in extrajudicial killings by the Duterte administration.

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