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Big disclosure of Wajid Khan’s wife, husband had threatened divorce, living apart



BOLLYWOOD NEWS: – It has been six months for the famous singer of Bollywood, Wajid Khan. After his death, Wajid’s wife Kamalrukh had made a big disclosure about his in-laws in the past. Now once again Kamalrukh has discussed it. But this time she has also mentioned her scattered relationship with Wajid.

Kamalrukh has revealed about her relationship with Husband Wajid in an interview. She said that Wajid and she were in a long 10-year relationship. After this, they thought of getting married. At first, Wajid’s family started pressuring her about religion change and after that Wajid himself started threatening her for divorce. This is the case of 2014.

Because of this Kamalrukh and Wajid were living separately for the last 6 years. Kamalrukh further told- In 2014, Wajid had filed for divorce, which did not happen. I am still not divorced. Wajid later apologized for his actions and regretted his actions.

Kamalrukh wrote in her post – Due to the pressure given to convert to Islam, the distance between me and Wajid was increasing. It was doing toxic work to break the relationship between me and my husband. My dignity and self-respect were not allowing me to bow down to her or her family by turning to religion.

Kamalrukh through a post on social media revealed the pressure to change the religion given by her in-laws. She had expressed her pain in front of the world by writing a long post.

She wrote – I was a Parsi and he was a Muslim. Just imagine that we were college sweethearts. Even when we got married, we did it under the Special Marriage Act. I want to share my experience on how I am facing discrimination on the basis of religion after merging interests. This is so embarrassing. And everyone’s eyes are open. Now it will be seen that what is the reaction from Wajid’s family.

Talking about Wajid Khan, after his health deteriorated, Wajid Khan was admitted to the hospital on May 31, 2020, and on the very next day i.e. June 1, 2020, Wajid Khan died.

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