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See the moment Jeanie Buss gave LeBron James a warm hug for his good leadership in the Lakers squad



See the moment president of the Los Angeles Lakers team, Jeanie Buss, gave a big appreciation to the figure of LeBron James.

According to her, LeBron is a figure of a team leader who never knows fear.

Los Angeles Lakers do have to deal with many difficult situations in the 2020 season. First, the Lakers lost Kobe Bryant who became a legend in the team. Kobe died from being involved in a helicopter crash.

Second, the Lakers are one of the longest appearing teams at the Orlando Bubble. With a difficult situation, LeBron was able to lead the team well until finally, it came out as champion.

LeBron James’s extraordinary leadership spirit then attracted the attention of Jeanie Buss. Not surprisingly, Buss immediately extended LeBron’s contract until 2023 with a very large salary.

“He’s a leader, he’s not afraid, he’s taught me a lot this season. When Anthony Davis shot the winning shot during the playoffs and was just about to shout out Kobe, it came from his heart. It’s organic. It’s real. And, that is what Kobe means, not only for this organization but also for any individual who wants to remember it. LeBron knows how to bring it all to life, “said Jeanie.

“I didn’t really know LeBron until I felt that he was now a true Lakers. Observing his movements, demeanour, and demeanour in this time of crisis is very dancing. Not only the time of losing Kobe but during the pandemic and also the social unrest we experienced this summer. He taught me just by setting an example, “she concluded.

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