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Life and death of Mike Hawthorn – The first UK Formula One World Championship winner



If you lived in the 50s and 60s, you would know John Michael Hawthorn. He was born in 1929 April 10, 1959 and died on January 22.

In 1958, Michael Hawthorn was the first driver to win the UK Formula One World Championship, He was a British racer, after which he announced the end of his career, deeply affected by the death of his teammate Peter Collins in 1958. in German Grand Prix.

He won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955 but was caught up in a catastrophic crash that disrupted the race. Hawthorn died in a car accident three months after retiring. as if he was suffering from an extreme illness at that time.


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The accident took place on the infamous dangerous part of the road, at the site of 15 serious accidents in the previous two years (with two fatalities). The road was also wet at the time. Acting at speeds of up to 80 mph, Hawthorn bypassed the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Peugeot sports car driven by Rob Walker, a well-known racing team manager.

Immediately after passing the Mercedes, turning right, Hawthorn cut the “Keep Left” pillar, which separated the two wagons, which made him lose control.

Mike Hawthorn crash site

The Jaguar glanced at the crashed truck in Bedford before being overtaken by a wagon that had been pushed aside by a roadside tree, uprooting it. As a result of the blow, Alocheni suffered fatal head injuries and was pushed out of the back seat.

Mike Hawthorn was born in Mexborough, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, to Leslie and Winifred Hawthorn, and educated at Ardingly College, West Sussex, followed by studies at Chelsea technical college and an apprenticeship with a commercial vehicle manufacturer.


Mike’s father owned the Tourist Trophy Garage in Farnham, which had the privilege of supplying and servicing several high-end brands, including Jaguar և Ferrari.

His father raced motorcycles and supported his son’s racing career; when he died in a road accident, in 1954, Mike Hawthorn inherited the business.

A memorial award “The Hawthorn Memorial Trophy” has been awarded annually since 1959 to the British or most successful Formula One driver.

Nigel Mansel and Lewis Hamilton have won the award the most times, winning the cup seven times. The current owner is Lewis Hamilton, the 2019 world champion.


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