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How I think that Mikel Arteta is prone to be fired and Ancelotti is reluctant to respond



Mikel Arteta is prone to be fired, Ancelotti is reluctant to respond

Everton will host Arsenal in Week 14 of the Premier League at Goodison Park, Sunday (20/12) at 00.30 WIB. The spotlight in that match was entirely on Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners are yet to come out of a bad period with them now closer to the relegation zone. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang et al are ranked 15th in the standings with 14 points from 13 matches, five points adrift of Fulham in the relegation zone.

In that situation, it is only natural for the manager or coach to be in the spotlight. Even so, if Arteta is unable to awakenArsenal. His senior colleague at Everton, Carlo Ancelotti, was asked about the pressure being placed on Arteta.

The former AC Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea coach did not provide much advice to Arteta, because according to him such pressure was natural to be felt by coaches and managers in the world.

“I have no advice (for Arteta). I think our job is difficult and complicated but it’s completely normal,” said Carlo Ancelotti as quoted by Standard Sports.

“I think all managers are under pressure because everyone has to hit the target.”

“Arsenal may have different goals than other teams, but I think it will be the same for every manager. The pressure is completely normal and I don’t need to advise on this,” added Ancelotti.

Different from Arsenal, Everton are still competing at the top of the standings to try to hunt down or secure tickets to the top four, aka the Champions League zone. Everton are in their fifth place at the moment.

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